The handle shape has been redesigned to be more ergonomic, while a four bar linkage provides better leverage for an easier squeezing action and more control. A tip cutter is integrated into the side of the gun, above the handle, and allows for 0 and 45 degree angles in a range of lengths.
The top of the caulk gun has a fill-level gauge that moves as the plunger moves so the DIYer knows exactly how much caulk is left in the tube. No more lumps in the seam between the shower wall and the tub!
A foot on the front of the caulk gun allows it to stand up when not in use, just like it's hot glue brethren! A free rotating barrel lets you adjust the position and angle of the tip to attack any corner.
A carabiner on the plunger allows lets you hook or hang the gun on ladders, jeans, and just about anything else.
The tip poker stores out of the way in the handle so that stray material doesnt goop up on it.
Caulk Gun Redefined

The caulk gun has existed relatively unchanged for decades. By applying a liberal dosage of design thinking to the product, I was able to remedy several user complaints with innovative, simple, and cost effective ideas.

Mike Jou
Associate Creative Director, Industrial Designer at Comcast Philadelphia, PA