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Innovative Refrigerator with additional features

The study aims to offer a new innovative design and features of domestic refrigerator by employing thermoelectric generator to the refrigerator. This device will turn the temperature from the condenser coil and evaporator coil to useable energy that will be placed in a rechargeable battery, and use it to power a portable rechargeable warmer and chiller. This feature will not consume additional energy cost and at the same time, lessen reheating and chilling of food by maintaining its temperature. The new proposed design of domestic refrigerator would be catering the needs of consumers regarding accessibility by proposing versatile shelves, baskets and compartments that will help the user to access and organize foods and beverages inside the refrigerator. The proposed exterior design of the refrigerator will change the traditional boxy looking type of refrigerator.

Michael Magos
Industrial Designer / Senior Exhibition Designer / Freelancer Makati, Philippines