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My personal Logo.

Miguel Ruiz. Houston, TX, 2014. © All rights reserved.
Inspired by the 17th century Roman gardens of the same name, Villa Borghese is Interfin's upcoming upscale residential development in the River Oaks district of Houston, Texas.

The goal was to create a representation of traditional luxury and a refined classic. In terms of preferences, the client favored crests as well as monograms.

The logo evolved into an organic mark formed by the two initials of the name Villa Borghese. The natural and artistic elements from the Borghese gardens were a prominent source of inspiration and were relevant to the picturesque surroundings of River Oaks.

The stages of my logo design process include a preliminary research and inspiration stage, schematic conceptual design through sketches and vector renditions, design development of favored concepts and further refinement.
Villa Borghese Logo
Developed for an upcoming mixed-use upscale development in Chicago, Illinois, by BDC. The name ELEVATE symbolizes the transformation that Lincoln
Park will experience from the new developments.

The logo is a contemporary take on the traditional compass rose that establishes a visual mark with the letter “V.” It references the urban position between Lincoln Avenue and W. Altgeld Street where ELEVATE will stand.

Developed as a collaboration between Daniel J. Slack of BDC and myself. FMG Design is now developing a comprehensive environmental graphics
program for ELEVATE.
MODRN Fe th r - Logo, Brand, Stationery.

Design package created for a fictional firm.

A multidisciplinary design firm that marries modernist design with time-earned craftsmanship, & carries a fondness for iconic minimalism & stripped down functionality.

Driven by philosophies in industrial & graphic design, the firm focuses on sustainable & functional objects.

Missing letters propose that the brain does not need all the letters to comprehend a word.
Color Option 2
ReptEco - Smart Habitat System.

Cyclical rejuvenation, ecological impact, and durability represented by the formation of a triangle using 3 snakes curled up side by side.

ReptEco is a smart habitat system for pet reptiles that recreates reptiles' natural environment through the process of automation. It provides the reptile owner with the ability to automatically set the appropriate temperature, humidity, and lighting controls during the recommended time.

The project is currently being developed by a team of 5 computer engineering students from the college of technology at the University of Houston.

The logo was designed as part of a series of presentations.
This horizontal treatment was found useful in certain situations so that the small text would be more legible. Another color option was provided as well.
Proposed marketing strategy.
Logo design variations for an upcoming upscale residential development in Tampa, Florida by ECI Group. The intermingling of objects and colors represent the collaboration between the traditional (rustic/eclectic) with the industrial complex and serves as a visual indication of the 2 C’s that make up the name.

The more prominent logos are a more direct representation of the natural environment that surrounds the Channelview district of Tampa.
New logo will be integrated in a comprehensive environmental graphics program at Channel Club by FMG Design Inc..
Interfin is a Houston based, diversified real estate company specializing in the development, construction and management of landmark residential and commercial real estate projects.

I was asked to develop a logo for a new branch within the Interfin companies called InterRealty.

This is their original logo.
In addition to the development of logos that did not stray far from the already established Interfin logo, I also designed several logos with different concepts.
Logos that closely resembled the original logo were favored over those that were drastically different. The type was then reconfigured in various compositions that aimed to unify both words "Inter" and "Realty." Also, the new direction asked for a more youthful and contemporary color combination that created stark contrast.
HCDC Team Logo - IDEO.org Human Centered Design Course.

Logo designed as part of a human-centered design course for IDEO.org,

Used on all of our presentations to establish a credible presence & consistency.

Houston Center for Design Consciousness (H.C.D.C.) is Miguel Ruiz, Khalid Adil, Fola Ajisafe, Akshay Sangolli, & Kishori Desai.

Was granted a formal statement of accomplishment by Accumen courses.
Social Entrepreneurship Daily.
The morning sunrise.
A few earlier renditions.
Social Entrepreneurship Daily - Logo design by Miguel Ruiz.
Color variations by Kishori Desai.
Prototype website design by Khalid Adil and Fola Ajisafe.

Developed for a human centered organization & its prospective website that was previously in development.

Completed as part of a human-centered design course for IDEO.org,

Was granted a formal statement of accomplishment by Accumen courses (2014).
Logo in context.

Prototype website design by Khalid Adil and Fola Ajisafe.
Virulent - Band Logo Re-design for the Houston-based progressive thrash metal band Virulent. The new logo is now used for the band's merchandise.

Showing 2 original drawings by Jesus Menendez and Juan Sanchez plus the first vector rendition of the Virulent logo.

Developed as volunteer work. Creating the logo was a personal interest to me since I previously played with the band as their drummer.
Refinement. Line work is shown.
New Virulent logo. Used for the band's merchandise.
Color Option
Tees and stickers were printed and sold at Virulent shows.
The Grill - Logo Design + Wall Graphic.
Follows UHCL brand standards.

The Grill, which serves hot breakfast, lunch and dinner options at the patio cafe
in the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Experimentation with typography led to simplification and served to reference a common grilling essential, a spatula.

However, I was asked to provide an alternative that was easier to understand.

The Grill - Current Logo Design.
Follows UHCL brand standards.
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Logo Designs by Miguel Ruiz.
All rights reserved © 2014

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