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Design a depth gauge device for a deep sea diving Navy Seal operative, who will be performing night dives in enemy territory. Provide both altitude and depth measures to the diver, using a single indicator needle.

The diver will be jumping from helicopter at about 5,000 feet above the water (with a parachute) and once entering the water, he or she will then dive to a depth of roughly 200 meters.

How would you illuminate the gauge without giving away the diver to hostile combatants (e.g. without using a bright light)?

5000 ft = 1524 m.
Range between: 2000 m and -250 m.
Circular gauge with a single needle rotating on a center axis.

Proposition for illumination: Set up display gauge to be seen only with night vision goggles, that way the Navy Seal would be the only one seeing the display.

The first one utilizes the Purkinje effect with bright green and blue.
Testing contrast using color
This one color codes ranges of altitude/depth depending on probable danger
Design a qualitative and a quantitative display that measures altitude in an airplane.

Quantitative: Determines an actual numerical value of information.

I created a circular quantitative altimeter that creates a focus on the current altitude, reducing visual clutter.

Qualitative: Indicates the trend or rate of change in altitude within space or time.

I designed a vertical qualitative altimeter that determines both the current altitude and the trend rate of altitude of the flight. This one also creates a focus to reduce visual clutter.

Power OFF: Display shown on left.
Power ON - Ground Level: Display shown on right.
As altitude changes, the window slides vertically up and down.

Current Altitude: Larger number in the middle.
Trend Rate of Altitude: 3 numbers on the right of the display bar.
Design an advertising billboard to be readable from 600 meters away and readable at night by drivers with 20/20 vision. Use the US Department of Public Safety standards and use the text provided.

The Purkinje effect with bright green and blue is applied in order to be visible at night.

Original Urban Blank Billboard created by: All Vectors
Design a heads-up-display for an electron microscope. A 50 inch flat panel monitor is sold with the microscope, and this will be where your display will appear. Design the layout of this heads-up display which will be overlaid on the magnified images. Must display the following:

Current Resolution (e.g. 15,000 X)
Minimum Resolution (0 X)
Maximum Resolution (60,000,000 X)
Current Scale (e.g. one screen pixel is equivalent to 0.01 microns)
Contrast (0-100)
Brightness (0-100)
Electron Beam Intensity (0%-100% available power).
Design a motorcycle dashboard display that includes the basic indicators on motorcycle dashboards. Photo by khunaspix.
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UI Design Exercises - Human Factors

User interface exercises completed during a human factors course.

Created with Adobe Illustrator

Miguel Ruiz
Designer Houston, TX