The No. 90 Back - Citation
The No. 91 Back - Millennium
Tufted Upholstery
Lumbar Insert
90/91 Backs - Citation and Millennium Back Redesign

The old Citation and Millennium backs that ISC currently were selling needed work done to the tools, it was determined that this would be the most opportune time to update the backs.
After two consultants were unable to come up with a design that pleased the higher ups, as an intern I was given the chance to give it a go. Based on the existing work that had been done, I was able to tweak the design, add some more complex and interesting surfacing, and achieve sign off by the CEO and VP's.
I assisted engineering when it came time to designing the lumbar insert to insure that the correct anthropometric data was used in the creation of the insert. As well as validation testing to show that the product met the ergonomic standards of ISC

-Final form development
-Final Surfacing

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Michael Custer
Principle at Custer-Design Grand Rapids, MI