Development sketches of end panels.
Development sketches of end panels.
An ergonomic study of knee space concerns comparing our old product to the new beam mounted seating.
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Rendering of the Integra Highback model.
Rendering of the Solara beam mounted seating.
Production Integra chair.
Production Solara chair.
Solara and Integra: Sports Seating


Our outdoor and arena seating offering needed an update, and our European partners had a product that was almost ready to go, so the decision was made to convert it to a product that could be sold in North America.

Over three years, every part of the product was redesigned and remade.

I assisted the team by providing ergonomic guidelines, applied anthropomorphics, industrial design support, product renderings, and even feedback on how to make the product more installer friendly.

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Michael Custer
Principle at Custer-Design Grand Rapids, MI