The Flying Buddahs 2
Tuning In...Tuning Up logo 2
Tuning in...Tuning Up logo
Thanksgiving Card
Art Angst comissions - A local filmaker comissioned these posters for his upcoming film LOGJAM. They were supposed to be street posters and stickers.
Music Square banner design
Longitude logo - simple, but handsome.
Monster Machismo logo
New OTC Logo for T-shirts
Post-Soviet Disco
The Moby Strip
Join the Cause - Nothing like using the communist movement to advance your own cause!
Poster for work.
Digital, Photoshop, 2008
Conquistador Island
Summerfest poster
Max vs. Oswald bout poster
Commissioned Logos and Posters
Ian Austin
Illustration, Puppets, Costumes, Set painting, Photography and more Oneonta, NY