Ganesha - My first real experimantation with textures and such. Hope you like!

Microns, Photoshop 2008
Into The Woods
Kachina head color study - This character is based on an Indian mandala design I saw in a book once. I loved the colors, the white spot on the face, and the tendrils that came out of it's head. Another example of traditional tribal art jumping into modern styles.

Micron pen and Photoshop
Babo Head
Morty The Ferocious Beast: Drawing on Walls
Morty the Ferocious Beast: Longing for Home
Morty the Ferocious Beast: Making Toast
Blue jeans ad
Mad Cow (your barn door's open) - Drew this during an art history class.

Marker, prismacolors, microns, and minor Photoshop effects
Oedipus Jesus
Empty Chambers poster - This is a piece I did for a local Noir themed Art show at Charlier Bremer's Briar Creek Gallery
Eva Unit 02 in Flight - I wanted to try some dynamic lighting, so I made this image of Eva 02 back-lit by the sun. I think it turned out pretty well.

Pen and ink, digital, 2010
Rebuild of EVA 01
Chibi Evangelion Unit 0 F-Type - More of my F-Type series...
Chibi Evangelion Unit 02 F-Type
Chibi Eva 03 F-type - Man, unit 03 is hard to draw!
This was a sketchbook piece that blosomed into a finished piece. I still love the colors of this one.
Chibi Evangelion Unit 04 F-Type
Fun with Eva Unit 0 - This is a fun little exercise I like to do; I take an object that I am familiar with, then blindly draw some obscure shape, then make the object fit inside the shape I have drawn. In this case I used Eva 0's head.
I think it adds whole new realms of character to it!
Eva Unit 02 Rebuild colors - The new colors of Eva 0 are growing n me, especially with the addition of the shoulder fins.
Eva Unit 02 Rebuild Colors - Caught a glimpse of what Evan Unit 02 will look like from the new Rebuild of Evangelion series and it gave me enough initiative to make this picture I have wanted to make for a while.
Fun with Eva Unit 02 - I always wanted to distort Unit 02's head, and here we are. This is another example of drawing a shape blindly and having to fit a familiar object into it. It turned out pretty well with Unit 02, I especially like the hippo looking ones, but in the end I favor the slightly sporty look of the bust image.
Evangelion Unit 02 F-Type - I finally got tired of not finding any pictures of the other units in F-Type equipment, so I made my own!

2008, Photoshop
Eva 00 F-Type in progress
Eva 05 F-Type in Progress
Evangelion-Enkidudu Unit 01 - a combination of Eva Unit 01 and Enkidudu resulted in this fine fellow
Clone Commander - I always wanted to draw a Stormtrooper, and I love the balance of black, white and greys of this commander.

Micron Pen and Photoshop.
Santa Trooper Squadron - I actually made a set of these last xmas for ornaments. Why Lucasarts hasn't done something like this as a special holiday figure is beyond me. The resperators on their masks form perfect beard shapes.

Swim, Mario, Swim!
Chaos Gundam collaberation - Line art by VR-Eli.
Colors by me.
SD Gundam Kyrios - Lines by VR-Eli
Colors by me.
Camo Gundam Dynames collaberation - Line art by VR-Eli.
Colors by me.
Johann Krauss
Scud the Disposable Assassin - Scud is property of Rob Schrab,
lines and colors by me.
Chris Sanders Grafitti Girl colored (mature) - Image by Chris Sanders of Lilo and Stitch fame.
Colors by me.
Sameda Koban colors (mature) - Original line art is by Sameda Koban, colors by me.
Digital Color Work and Paintings
Ian Austin
Illustration, Puppets, Costumes, Set painting, Photography and more Oneonta, NY