Yeti doll - 2006, Faux fur, leather, halloween teeth, tacks
Snow Beast Mask
Predator - This is a resin kit I painted with enamels.
Zip doll - 2006, Blazer fabric, rope, leather, hay, beads, and plastic insects
Glover doll - 2006: Faux Fur, fabric, leather, buttons, and found glove
2007, fabric scraps
Little Bo Peep - 2007, clothespin doll, acrylic paint
Self portrait as cartoon and in clay - drawing: 2005, ink and marker on paper
Figure: 2007, Sculpy and acrylic paint
Tiny Prince in the Snow
Crow Dancer
Yeti Mask side
Yeti Mask
Snarley - 2001: Ceramic, Acrylic, plastic fez
Blue Dagre Trikky - based on a picture by Samantha Whitten, this is a blue version of Dagre, whoever that is.
Gingerbread Robot - This was my entry and 1st place winner of this year's Gingerbread House competition in my town. The theme was 'Classic Toys'

Realized and constructed by Ian Austin and Libby Cudmore.
Maitlands masks in progress - Halloween costumes for 2011
Mass Production Raffy custom figure
Dolls Masks and Sculpture
Ian Austin
Illustration, Puppets, Costumes, Set painting, Photography and more Oneonta, NY