Jade Lion Tattoos logo - Mock tattoo parlor logo design.
Skull Splash tag
Dia de los Muertos Prayer
Self Promotion
Monkey logo
Faceless Base Tee shirt design - My friend is trying to start a website with this name, so I made this for fun.
Venom Head 1
Venom Head 2
Venom Head 3
Oni Tattoo design
Pucca Characters as Kachinas
Le Tigre
What the world lacks is a really kickin' Alien tee...well, not anymore...
Alpha Male
Drawers Block tag
Greenman Tattoo design
Reindeer S.W.A.T
My girlfriend and I love to think up cool names for potential bands, and then make fake band tees for them. This is one of our originals.
Ganesh tee-shirt graphic - I always wanted one of these statues...but it's so hard to find one that looks cool enough. This one is really close...
Mahakala tee stencil
Friendpatine - This is a reference to rifftrax, it's like MST3K, only you can download riffs for modern movies. We watched the one for Star Wars episode 3, and there was a line in the movie "Your friend Palpatine..." which the hosts countered with "or your pal, friendpatine."
I thought it was hilarious, so I made this for a friend.
Hotel India
Sterilize Celebrities Tee
White Headphones tee
Comatoast tee
Ewe Haul
Breakfast Epiphanys
Anime Head Stencil
Fear Not My Viking! stencil - Artie, the strongest man...in the world!
Olive Oil tee
Ian Austin
Illustration, Puppets, Costumes, Set painting, Photography and more Oneonta, NY