Barong - Tattoo design for fun...
Lion head sticker design - sketchbook fun
WereRemjiff Doro
Tribal Rangda
Lion Barong
Bali Mask - Bali Mask. Might make a cool tattoo...
Microns, 2012
Foo Dog Head
Pot-Bellied Pig Skull
Happy Toad - Just some warm-up toads while working on a project.

Microns, 2012
Toad - Just some warm-up toads while working on a project.
Devil Tree - This was actually something I drew in Social Studies class in 8th grade. I had a character at the time names Oak, a evil tree character who hacked up people with gardening impliments. This was the first time I drew him actually rooted to the ground and not splattered with blood
House Chasers title page graphic - This was a 40 page story I wrote about a rag-tag group of House Chasers, whise job it is to capture and deliver houses when they run awry. In this world, houses are like people and if they are being neglected, then they can take off on their own.
I the story the houses don't have faces like the one above, but I wanted it to have a nose-art feel to it.
Pheonix - This was a design I drew for an assignment on rebirth. I think it would make a decent tattoo.
A hug sent - This was a card I made for my (at the time) would-be girlfriend. She was having a really hard time and since I was in school I could not go and see her. So I drew this and sent it instead. It said all I needed to say.
Alien UFO Flying Saucer
Brain in a Bottle
Bushzilla - This currently holds the record for most people I ever put in a picture at one time.

This is Bush as Godzilla (an unnatural disater, preventing all the humanitarians from reaching New Orleasns.

2006, Microns
The Difference
Demon head - This was made for a band called The Victimz, but was never used.
Cheeky Pilot
How to Spot an Art Student
Cream of Wheat ad
Stay Puft in the ring
13 more Venom Head - More stuff from my sketchbook. For me, Venom is a fail-safe. If I am ever out of ideas but still want to draw, I just make different versions of his head. I love all the angles and textures in it.
Ian with Chinese Food
Rockabilly Chick
Old Man
Pen and Ink
Ian Austin
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