Einstein Sisters line art
Morty making toast lines
Alien Sketch - Another thing I did while I should have been paying attention in class.

2003, pencil
Spare critters - These were little designs for dolls I was thinking of making. I still like the little guy asking for crayons the best. The Little one with the ears is based on Kachina, which you can see in my digital section
Mad Cow head - I love this character, I love all the angles in his head.
there's also a nod to Johnny The Homicidal Manic lettering.

2002, pencil
3 Submarines
Skull Sketches
Sketch of Koren Shadmi - If you know this guy, this is not a characture, this is how he really looks.
Cartoon portrait with crown
Unit 00 - Just some fan art from back in college, not my favorite unit, but I like the pose.

2003, mircon and prismicolor markers
Crate tag
Carrotman - This is oldschool stuff. Carrotman was the first character I designed that I drew on a regular basis. In hose tiny pouches are housed giant guns, which somehow fit in there.
Laura sketch - This is a friend I met while I was a Councilor at a camp. She loved Mt. Dew and drank it by the pitcher.
Pred Head - This is from my High School sketchbook. I was really trying out the stipple thing.

2000, dollar store markers, microns
Oak - Another High school character, he was created about the same time as carrotman, I'm sure you can see the resemblence. This character used all sorts of gardening impliments to hack people up.
It was also made around the time when asian characters were really big. I tried to use a dictionary to get the right symbols, but it probebly says I'm a pipe to a platypuss or something.

2000, dollarstore markers, mircons
Drawing of Liz
Ian Austin
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