The Fly and LEGO man 2008 - Left: Me as The Fly. Head is made from cardboard and faux-fur and construction foam. The eyes were foam I sanded then stretched a small fishnet fabric over to segment the eyes. Hands are gloves with carved foam extensions to create the fly hands. Wings are made from wire and packing tape.
Right: Lego man which I helped to create. Body is all cardboard and tape. Head is construction foampainted with a gloss enamel paint. Eyes are holes with a sheer fabric over them.
Tank Girl Brassier 2008 - This is a missile bra I made for my girlfriends' Tank Girl costume.
Paper, wood, soda bottles, bra. 2008
Tank Girl Bomb-Brassire - made from two soda bottles, paper-mache and a cheap bra. I cut off the cap spout on the bottle and used the paper to form to a point. Painted with acrylics.
Lego Man head base
The Fly with Lego Man and Tank Girl 2008
Ian Austin
Illustration, Puppets, Costumes, Set painting, Photography and more Oneonta, NY