Dungeons and Dragons Valentines Day cards. Designs created by team: Mark Painter, Emi Tanji and Shauna Narciso.
Mothers and Fathers Day Cards.
Illustrations by Emi Tanji.
A Dungeons & Dragons RPG downloadable certificate for Dungeon Masters to give their players while they adventure on St. Paddy's Day. A little luck of the Irish
Wizards of the Coast 2014 Holiday Card.
Our three major brands characters are featured along with limited edition souvenirs from each. Lots of frosting, photos and photoshop work. Production work by Matthew Stevens.
D&D Holidays

A collection of "off the books" projects created to promote a positive association with the brand. And to give the lifestyle gamer some free content to help celebrate the holidays throughout the year. Enfranchised players become spokespeople for the brand by sharing with friends, family and social media.

Mark Painter
Creative - Designer - Producer Renton, WA