handheld - Some barcode scanners.
Watch - A watch design.
a baby equipment system - While Jess an I were getting equipped for our firs kiddo, I was shocked to see what little innovation was going on in the design of products for babies (parents). Not to mention almost all of these products are SUPER cheap and SUPER tacky. I know it's getting better, but there is a lot of room for International / Industrial Design. This is by no means a finished concept, just a thought I had.
Rear quarter view. Copying Opel is not a great plan. See: Saturn. Buick should be the USA's answer to Jaguar. Luxury. Sporty. Like Cadillac, only more badass. Like a luxury Pontiac. Oh... wait. It wasn't all that hard to figure out, GM. WTH happened?
breadmaker - I discovered breadmakers in college. Toss in six ingredients, three hours later, the finest sandwich-making material you've ever known. One thing that is a bit annoying is that you have to "tend" it a little in the first cycle - semi-mixed flour gets caked up in the corners. So, I thought, why are there corners? And hence the round breadmaker. It'll be harder to cut off the crust, but that's my favorite part!
The Future - This was for an idea I had about LED jewelry. LED jewelry is a very niche, and overly tack market right now. However there are several factors that could change all this. 1) LED sizes are small enough. 2) Batteries are getting small enough and lasting longer. 3) Induction charging is becoming more common. 4) Design.
Automatic card dealing gizmo
just... random sketching
just... random sketching
printer and camera - Someone has probably already thought of this, but I don't think I've seen a matching printer and camera. Send me a link if you find a set.
life vest idea

Random sketches in attempted chronological order with most recent at top. A little pencil, a little pen, a little tablet.

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