Concept development through sketching, modelling and discussions with potential users.
This development included testing with food products and a series of modified atmospheres.
Final concept of Fresco Pod and food container. The Pod is used to generate the atmosphere within the sealed food container using a specific food safe gas mixture.
The food is placed within the container the lid is sealed. The container then positions into the Pod using magnets and a specific fitted cradle. The Pod is now ready for use.
Using the handle, the magnet and cradle raise the container so the valves of the Pod and container interact. This opens the container valve and allows the Pod to inject the modified atmosphere mixture. The handle is lifted to lower the cradle and the container can be removed from the Pod.
Specific details illustrate to the user that interaction is required.
The food container showing the valve system on the lid, the magnet connection point and specific shape to fit the Pod cradle.
Fresco - Keeping Food Fresh without Refrigeration

Fresco - A system that allows users to keep foods fresher for longer without the need for refrigeration. A combination of pressurised, food safe gas and valves seal the unique food container to prevent bacterial growth within the food.

Alex Delong
Menswear Designer Northampton, United Kingdom