Muka Design Lab is an award winning industrial design studio from the Basque Country in Northern Spain that specializes in Slow design to create furniture, consumer goods and home appliances with character. We believe in “slow design” and work with talented local artisans and craftsmen to design everyday objects people love. From sustainable furniture to industrial design concepts, every great design begins with a story that gives life to each piece. Our work has proudly been featured in Architectural Design, Fast Company, Archi Expo, de zeen, El Pais and awarded at international design expos from Milan to Los Angeles. We create designs that balance: shape + function + aesthetics + colors + materials + finishes + interface + product graphics We take everyday products and give them personality from concept to reality. SERVICES Creation, design and product development, furniture design, space, ephemeral architecture and stands. We search exclusively in everyday!


// 2015 - July - Red Dot Award 2015 Concept Design // 2014 - February - Selected as exhibitors at Nude Habitat Fair Valencia // 2012 - September - Selected as exhibitors at Nude Habitat Fair Valencia // 2010 - Selected Project for the Tivoli Audio 10th anniversary design contest, organized by Designboom // 2008 - Winners Poster Contest Erandio city party // 2009 - Selected product for the exhibition "Kitchen ecology: recipes for good design" for Dwell on Design in Los Angeles // 2007 - Selected product for the international competition ceramic MACEF of Milan Fair . Milan // 2007 - Winners Poster Contest Portugalete city party // 2006 - 2nd prize: BUGATTI TRUST Prize, Coventry, UK


EIDE- Basque Designers Associantion BiDC-Bilbao-Bizkaia Design & Creativity Council

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