Udderly Smooth's current identity is focussed on the cow theme, more "udderly" than "smooth". I reversed that ratio here--with a sleek and healthy new color scheme, a user-friendly pump bottle for thick hand creams, and go everywhere clip-on mini-tube that reminds you healthy, hydrated skin is quick and easy to achieve.
I found Udderly Smooth's website to be fairly basic and hard to navigate, so I redesigned it with a more mobile user in mind. There is also a free promotional app that gives you reminders and information based on your skin type, after you take the Udderly Smooth Skin Quiz.
Udderly Smooth Moisturizer--Re-Branding

A re-branding of the moisturizer UdderlySmooth ( http://www.uddercream.com/ ). I completed this project for my senior portfolio class, but unfortunately 2 computer generations later, these .jpgs are the only files I still have of it.

Maia Wilkes
Freelance Designer/Illustrator Philadelphia, PA