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Hi! My name is Nadia Arioui, I am a passionate designer, currently based in London where I have been working for the last 3 years. I believe in empathy as one of my highlights as a professional. I understand user experience as a key section on my approach to design; from understanding user online behaviour through websites and mobile apps, to their relationship with three dimensional packaging. The creation of memorable experiences is always the aim of my work, allowing me to take a wide range of branding projects. Originally from Spain, I grew up and Lived in Valencia, a Mediterranean city where I received my BA degree in graphic design and communications at EASD-Valencia. Just after my graduation, I had the opportunity to work for both, own clients like Mercadona, A2B English and S.V.P.A.P . And external companies and studios such a Agatha Ruiz de la Prada™ (fashion), Estudio Mira ( FMCG packaging ), and Zeher’s studio (packaging). Looking for a challenge, and excited to expand my I knowledge, in 2010, I decide to take another step in my life by moving to London where I have been living since then. In 2012 I started to work at Casio Electronics, where working as a digital designer, I was in charge of the redesign and graphic communication of brands like Edifice, G-Shock™, Baby-g™ and Casio Uk™ . As always interested in keep my knowledge as broad as possible and update during this years I have been attending to different lectures and workshops as well as attending to the London College of comunication to undertake the course of responsive web design. This experience gained over 4 years allowed me to move forward, and seek for new challenges looking and the opportunity to develop new personal projects as well as collaborate with other designers exploring new ways of visual communication. Ah! And I love to dance.

Experience & Education