Project imagined for a future where communication media will be part of all family homes, Bo is the result of the simplification of this futuristic scenery as it ceases to be just a refrigerator to feature additional functions. Designed to value mainly the interaction with the user, Bo is a refrigerator with bilateral opening (island concept) with LCD display technology on its eight doors.
This touchscreen display makes it possible for the user to watch videos, cooking shows and movies, to navigate on the internet, to create a shopping list or to organize a digital album on the doors of the refrigerator. When the visualization command is turned on the touched door turns off and the internal light of the refrigerator lights up, making it possible for the user to see what is inside without having to open the door.
Conceptual Refrigerator

Conceptual Project of Refrigerator

Pedro Nakazato Andrade
Interaction Designer at IDEO San Francisco, CA