Family Department at the Hospital - After one week of on-site research we delineate our main fields of interest: Information Flow, The Family At The Hospital and Logistics & Procedures. As we went deeper into these three areas during the insight and synthesis sessions as well as later on co-creation sessions with staff and families we realised that the Information Flow and Logistics & Procedures fields could be encapsulated by The Family At The Hospital field of interest.
Findings and Challanges - Since that time we have been focused entirely on the aspects of family stay at the hospital and started to see The Paediatric Department as The Family Department. Design Challenges Deal with the everyday life can be quite difficult for the families that have to stay at the hospital or that one of the key factor of better and faster child treatment is the surrounding atmosphere. There is not much to do for the parents than supporting the child during his/her stay at the hospital.
Findings and Challanges - Quite often the parents are isolated from the outside world and do not feel in control of their time, therefore for them it is even more stressful experience than the one could imagine. When the parents stress level is low they can be more helpful to the nurses and thereby helping their child to heal faster. As the concept of The Family Department arose we realised that the patient is not only the sick child but the family as a whole.
Scheduling - Concept • Spark “family moments” • Make the family feel in control of their time • Minimize isolation from everyday life • Foster flexible relationships • Active parents
Scheduling - The concepts were presented as a walk through story of a regular day of the family at the new Family Department. We started with scheduling solutions that could make the family feel more in control of their time as they would be able to plan their day accordingly to the hospital schedule. The schedule may be provided via the TV screen that every patient has in their room.
Active parents - The same interface could be used to enable parents to order meals for the family making it more convenient than it is today. The awareness of the time windows can enable parents to organize their free time in the hospital and keep with their regular activities like work, read or even going to the gym and at the same time they are always close to his child.
Active parents
Video conference - The Hospital provides spaces for this activities. While parent has it's own time, child can communicate via video conference with his friends at school using next function of the TV based system.
Video conference
Private space - It could provide the child with less feeling of isolation from the outside world keeping his network still in contact and creating an environment not centralized on his disease, providing a better condition for the patient heals faster. To give more privacy and also space for the family the bedrooms and the bathrooms as well are not shared and each bedroom has one area for the patient and other area for medical equipment.
Long term activities - With this system the patient and his parents have space for more intimal activities like a family dinner. During his/her stay at the hospital the patient can have long term activities which he/she can continue after leave the hospital like: learning to play guitar or a foreign language.
Interviews and findings - Project developed as part of the User Research class with Brian Rink (Designer/HF Specialist at IDEO, Inc), Simona Maschi (Co-founder, CIID) and Joachim Halse (Post Doc Researcher, DKDS). Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design team: Martina Pagura Ishac Bertran Jacek Barcikowski Pedro Nakazato Andrade Sebastian Rønde Thielke Jesper Svenning pictures by Pedro Nakazato Andrade, Sebastian Ronde Thielke, Martina Pagura and Ishac Bertran
Fields of interest
Research tools: Workshops
Research tools: Toy camera and patient's drawings
Brainstorming sessions
Brainstorming sessions
Family Department at the Hospital
Pedro Nakazato Andrade
Interaction Designer at IDEO San Francisco, CA