Sistema de balcão de bar - Inside of the counter the bartender has to carry out several functions such as preparing the drinks, to serve and to clean, demanding a certain and appropriate space. Monobar, modular system for bar, is a project designed observing the actions of the bartender on the counter during the work. Being a project addressed for night clubs frequented by young people, there was the opportunity to work with the design of more specific products that will compose this system.
Spectro - Counter lit up from within to outside by LEDs of high potency connected to the natural equalization of the atmosphere provides a differentiated visual according to the music. Designed for the young public who look for new experiences, this effect is made possible by the translucent quality in relation to the light of the SSM (Mineral Solid Surface), the material of the surface of the counter.
Work Station
Tools-Case - During the night the bartenders move constantly from one side to another, behind the bar to take orders from the costumers. Projected to hold ice tongs, spoons, and other bartender tools used to prepare cocktails this Tools Holder was designed to be moved along the edge of the counter, giving more mobility to the bartenders.
Bottles System - Bottles System: Designed for the fast retreat and replacement of the bottles used for the drinks preparation. The layout and the transparent isolation are intended to function as a shop window, an experience. It can also be used in other places.
Garbage Cans System - The garbage cans are fastened in a movable base that keeps them organized under the bench and facilitates the retreat. The content of the garbage is identified by the color of the cover and separated for recycling.
Graduation Project
Pedro Nakazato Andrade
Interaction Designer at IDEO San Francisco, CA