The Jedi Trainer is a device that helps Jedis to control their inner force. The "student" is invited to lift a cow high enough in order to turn on Yoda's green led, symbol of his happiness with the student's achievement.
The device has two hand made switches to indicate either if the cow hits the device's ground or ceiling. The "force" is measured by a simple light dependent resistor (aka. photoresistor). The microcontroller communicates with a processing sketch that plays several sounds, providing an audio feedback.
Project developed in 12 hours during the Physical Computing class with Massimo Banzi at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. by Pedro Nakazato Andrade Mary Huang Benoit Espinola CIID 2009 pictures by Pedro Nakazato Andrade and Mary Huang video by Mary Huang
Jedi Trainer

Jedi Trainer

Pedro Nakazato Andrade
Interaction Designer at IDEO San Francisco, CA