Refugee Finder - Many times it takes days or weeks before mobile telephone service and internet access is restored, making communication with separated friends and family impossible. Refugee finder is a mobile application that addresses this very challenge. At the aid station (hospitals, Red Cross center etc.) the disaster victim are registered with Refugee finder by an aid worker using a mobile camera-phone.
Search for safe areas -
Saving picture and info
Saving picture and info
Sharing data - A photograph and basic biographical information, along with time and place of registration, are stored in the system. The information is then shared between the aid stations and displayed for the public either at the aid stations, the internet or on television broadcasts. Team Elena Gianni Jesper Svenning Pedro N Andrade
Info transition -
Pictures displayed at the safe areas -
Loved one found -
The device - picture by Matt Cottam
The device - Options 1. Add a new profile 2. Search a profile
The device - Take a picture of the person
The device - Adding information
The device - Finish and save
The device
The device - Search screen
Refugee Finder
Pedro Nakazato Andrade
Interaction Designer at IDEO San Francisco, CA