I want to get more acknowledged about graphic design I love to make designs and through designing we can lighten those hidden issues which we couldn’t be able to get lighten as a layman, to me it’s an art to help others as well as express all my talent through it. It’s like I love to study more about graphics. Through designs we travelled in another world, a world of ideas, creativity and concepts. As a designer my goal is what my interest is and my interest is to bring a new resolution in the field of graphic design and achieve all that success that I dream of and help others through my art. During my studies i always thinking about the new era of designers in which designers from all over the world take part and get themselves useful in making the world more beautiful and creative.


Through out studies i have been a wonderful student with remakable results. i allways been a good books of my teachers. I exhibit my work @ Sindh Museum. take part in numerous workshops related to my fiel held in my university during studiesand learned alot.

Experience & Education