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Galactus Control Art
IT control art for Toybiz
Torch Control Art
Theoden Control Art - This artwork was done for Toy Vault many years ago when they had the LOTR license. Each layer was on a acetate to reveal the figure underneath.
Jill Control art for ToyBiz line - This is the front view of Jill. The side was done by someone else, so I did not post it.
Spiderman Control art - This control art was for Toybiz right before the Marvel Legends line started. It was a great project to work on.
Batcycle Concept Art for C3 Line
Enimen Toyline - I co-developed the Eminem toyline when I was at Art Asylum. One of my first Art Direction projects. The last figure was a prototype that was not used.
Animated Wolverine Control Art
Odin Control Art For ToyBiz
Borg Drone Concept Art for Playmates
Rob Zombie Concept art - This was for the Rob Zombie N' the Box from Art Asylum.
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