Bali salt & pepper mills for PEUGEOT

Bali, with its transparent acrylic body sheathing a fine cladding of the deepest black, is the latest casing devised by Peugeot to appropriately accommodate piper nigrum – the learned term for black pepper. Its very name sounds like a vibrant homage to one of the world’s great producers of pepper… Indonesia.
Standing 8 cm tall, Bali is steeled to grind those little peppercorns that have been harvested when just ripe so that they yield their aroma and bite with every turn. Although it is sold on its own, it would be incomplete without its white-bodied alter ego that grinds salt. Colour coding for service with not a single off-key note, especially when the two mills take up their posts on the Linéa Acryl tray, another Peugeot offering.
Bali, with its slightly flared base, also boasts great ergonomics. It thus restores a centuries-old gesture – one whose motion has and will always satisfy pepper-lovers.

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Nicolas Brouillac
Product & Industrial DESIGNER / PEUGEOT Besançon, France