IMPITOYABLE N°1 Light wines (red or white) The elongated shape and sleek contours propel the fruity floral aromas up the glass for very pure olfactory sensations. The moderate size of the glass allows light and delicate wines to subtly reveal their flavours without excessive aeration.
IMPITOYABLE N°2 Glass No. 2: Bold young wines (red or white) With a very large aeration surface, this glass is ideal for bold, concentrated young wines as it tames their tannins. The very angular shape prevents the wine from running down the sides of the glass to contain the perceptions created by the alcohol. The large volume inside the glass releases and refines the aromas before they reach the top of the glass. The narrow mouth concentrates the bouquet inside the glass and attenuates the initial impression on the palate.
IMPITOYABLE N°3 Glass No. 3: Bold mature wines (red or white) With its elongated oval shape, this glass prevents sudden movements that might traumatize a noble, mature wine by excessive aeration. The relatively wide shape generously diffuses the bouquet. Thus preserved, the wine reveals the secrets of his long maturation. The wide aperture reveals the fullness and harmony of the wine on the palate.
IMPITOYABLE N°4 Glass 4: Sparkling wines Tapered to contain just the right volume while minimizing aeration, this glass has a frosted area at the base to help columns of bubbles rise to the surface. The widest part at the top of the glass intensifies the perception of aromas and hinders their dispersion.
IMPITOYABLE N°5 Glass No. 5: Whiskies and spirits This glass is specially designed to enjoy whiskies and spirits such as Cognac, Armagnac, etc., at their very best. Its specific wide shape reveals all the subtleties of whiskies to delight the palate while erasing the strong, aggressive odours associated with alcohol. Ideally, the volume served should not cover the central dome. The dome refines the aromas very rapidly.
"Les impitoyables" of wine professionnal glasses, PEUGEOT

With "Les Impitoyables", tasting becomes perfection. our glasses are specially designed to reveal all of the qualities of each wine. Each style of wine has its own glass shape to release the flavours and serve just the right volume to reveal the wine's quintessence. Each "Les Impitoyables" glass is a unique handmade and off-hand blown piece created according to great glassmaking traditions.
"Les Impitoyables " by Peugeot

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Nicolas Brouillac
Product & Industrial DESIGNER / PEUGEOT Besançon, France