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Paris CLASSIC line, Peugeot knives - 2018

With the launch of two unique ranges of knives in 2018, Peugeot is boldly revisiting its illustrious past and previous success in the field of saws and cutlery. Firmly established on the basis of its historical reputation and steel work expertise, the brand is placing its iconic symbol in two ranges of knives, made with an alloy featuring exceptional properties, enabling a cutting performance to tempt the most discerning of experts. For its forged steel range, Peugeot has focused on function and paid particular attention to knife enthusiasts expectations to the highest level, by adapting each type of blade to a specific use. Inspired by the iconic style of the Paris range, the knife handles design is intriguing, with undulating curves and offers a truly comfortable grip, when held in hand. These knives are produced from start to finish in France, in Thiers, a striking symbol of Peugeot’s place as the pride of French manufacturing.

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Nicolas Brouillac
Product & Industrial DESIGNER / PEUGEOT Besançon, France