Young wine duck decanter for PEUGEOT

RESEDA Deacanter
It brings an element of surprise to the table. Its simple lines appear to defy the laws of equilibrium, but the bevelled base ensures that it is perfectly stable. The Réséda hand-blown glass decanter revisits the concept of the duck decanter, by adding a fresh new twist. It has a wide surface area for aerating the wine, but a small footprint, and the ergonomic shape offers optimal grip for easy pouring. The broad spout ensures accurate decanting and perfect pouring (the spout has a non-drip collar). Unique feature: it can be used to let a young red wine breathe, or to chill a white wine, as it is fully compatible with the Equinoxe champagne bucket!

Nicolas Brouillac
Product & Industrial DESIGNER / PEUGEOT Besançon, France