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Dragon Callers of Sinhala - For centuries the kingdom of sinhala was ravaged by the draconian beasts untill elders sought the light of "Ionir" Crystall.since then sinhales use the holy light to controll and loll the mighty beasts.
Elfin Girl - One of the designs developed for the spellforce Saga.
Throne king Poster - poster for gothic expansion pack sereis marketing asset, base sketch was done by my colleague
Isle of rizzla
Gothic 4 weapon designs - color concepts for gothic 4 axes
Sci-fi weapon concept - Meant for Akon 17 game world..compact weapon packing sereious Punch
Flyhook Concept - Tactical long ranged weapon with a chemical serum based payload for bringing down mutate levathians of akon game world.
Jungle Environment - Exercise in photoshop creating foliage using various brushes
Dark Horse - Rough study in Photoshop
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Environment and Characters
Om Tandon
UX Design Creative Auckland, New Zealand