Are you looking for footwear fashion Design consultant? Contact me: OLGA.MIGASHKO at gmail dot com As experienced Fashion Designer, I would love to consult teams and young Designers or Stylist, and work on a freelance basis in various teams: womens footwear, mens footwear and children footwear at your Office or via Online-Call. Together with the rest of the team we will be involved in developing collections. The tasks can be based on requests from your product teams and can include for example helping to finalize technical drawings, artworks and collection overviews! My knowlages: 5 years Univercity qualification in Fashion Footwear Design 10 years work experience as a Fashion Footwear Designer Excellent skills in Illustrator Knowledge of pattern making, sewing and footwear materials Good skills in collection- and colour coordination Enjoy teamwork Good communication skills Creative with a passion for fashion Fluent in English About me: To make really comfortable shoes for walking, standing, for people all professions where is required to be on your feet all day long, is my biggest pleasure. And make those people stylish, bright and elegant. When I finished in 1994 the Art School in my home-town with the high results, fashion was already my passion. I used to draw clothes and shoes for Barbie and made them myself from fabric and paper, also all the clothes for myself. I chose University in shoe industry MSUDT, which had great teaching staff of USSR-time Professors in Shoe Science. This education gave me deep knowledge in anatomy, technologies, shoes construction, materials and chemistry, marketing and management in fashion industry. Further, working with famous russian designers as Denis Simachev and Alena Akhmadullina gave me a big school in fashion, design, style and art. Mass-market shoes developing process I started to study from work for Kira Plastinina Company, which is big and well-organized by fashion developing process. I continued to learn it when I moved to China, to be closed to factories and learn more and more. I've learned the developing of outsole moldings, accessories, leather, learned coasting, negotiation, production and selling. Our shoe business is not easy, and making a good shoe is big job, which inspired me every season again and again, the feeling you can bring something from your fantasy, make it real and satisfy your purchaser, is great.

Experience & Education