Binnie Retractable Silicone Pacifier for Embe

Making a mom’s dream a reality. Embé founder and mother of four envisioned the concept of a retractable silicone pacifier that can protect the pacifier nipple from germs and debris when not in use. Through numerous iterations in form and precise engineering details, the Binnie pacifier was born!

The functional goal of this product was to do away with pacifier cases and offer a single part, hygienic solution that can transform into its own protective housing. The aesthetic goal was to achieve this while maintaining a classic, timeless and gender neutral paci design that looks beautiful in a baby’s mouth. Not an easy feat!

An extended, two step nipple shaft folds in to pop into the closed position with a strong tug of the pull ring, but cannot be closed by the baby’s mouth / tongue. Press the center ring and the nipple pops back out, ready for use. The pop sounds are a clear identifier of the “innie” and “outie” states, making the product very intuitive to use in a hurry.

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Olivia Blechschmidt
Founder, Olivialand Studio New York, NY