Bliss Pack Silicone Pocket Dispenser for Mouth Off

The blister pack reinvented! Bliss pack is a portable silicone dispenser concept for the brand new, plant based, Mouth Off dissolving gum that doesn’t just hide bad breath – it gets rid of it!

With the challenge to create a slim, refillable container that could hold a day’s worth of Mentos sized Mouth Off tablets and set the brand apart with a design that is as innovative as the product itself, the Bliss pack popped into existence.

The tactile, satisfying quality of bubble wrap is translated to soft, poppable bubbles that house the gum. When empty, the pack continues to be a source of bliss for fidgety fingers. Zero blisters, a hundred percent bliss!

A generous connecting strap acts as the hinge for the clamshell design to open for refilling, while also providing a prominent branding space and a functional hanging loop. Dispenser turned fashion accessory!

Olivia Blechschmidt
Founder, Olivialand Studio New York, NY