Double Walled Bamboo Travel Mug

A sleek and elegant bamboo fiber mug that is biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly without sacrificing function and style.

Bamboo mugs are typically single walled and require a pretty hefty silicone sleeve to hold safely when hot. Introducing a double walled feature creates even more effective insulation, and the single material design means the entire product is biodegradable. As a bonus, there is no paper taste or silicone smell to your coffee!

The concept of introducing the double walled feature to the bamboo travel mug category was born from extensive research and testing of current products on the market, their benefits and shortcomings. The final design also focused on the drinking experience, where closed lid and open cup drinking are equally pleasant and unobstructed.

Olivia Blechschmidt
Founder, Olivialand Studio New York, NY