Mealtime Smiles Feeding Tools for Dabbldoo

These cute little taste buddies were designed to help foster children's natural curiosity to learn about and experience new foods in a low pressure, fun and engaging way.

Market research exposed many flaws in current food pick designs, from poor ergonomics, ineffective picks and even dangerous flaws such as brittle materials that can break and become a safety hazard. The goal for Dabbldoo was to develop effective, safe and developmentally appropriate tools that parents and feeding professionals can use to help encourage kids to interact with and eat different foods, especially those that they may not yet be comfortable with. 

Developed and thoroughly tested with a pediatric dietitian, the resulting products are safe, easy to hold for little hands and super effective at picking up even wet and slippery foods. The tips are integrated into the character design using the tongue feature, and all three mealtime critters can stand on their own to keep the tongues from touching the table.

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Olivia Blechschmidt
Founder, Olivialand Studio New York, NY