Riptide Modular Bench System for Tonik

A three piece public bench system that can be combined in endless configurations. The fluid, organic shapes are balanced with a sharp, chiseled quality to create a certain harmony between nature and the man made.

The sectional seating system is composed of three shapes that can be linked into a continuous undulating bench or split off into multiple arrangements.

Made of one-piece, rotationally molded, specially formulated, high density polyethylene, the collection is very durable and fully recyclable. The system includes a straight bench, chair and wishbone bench.

Though the geometry might seem at first organically random, the angles of connection were specifically designed to maximize configuration opportunities and continued flow. For example, six wishbone benches combined form a perfect circle.

Designed at Karim Rashid Studio.

Olivia Blechschmidt
Founder, Olivialand Studio New York, NY