Slim Food Packaging for nuMe

A fashion lifestyle approach to renewable and reusable packaging. Designed as part of a new brand development strategy for nuMe slim food, this biodegradable sugarcane pulp case elevates the brand from competitors with an iconic aesthetic.

In a landscape of folded card boxes, molded pulp was used to create a soft yet bold object that embodies the brand philosophy of confidence and empowerment through health.

Dual layer construction is used to create a durable and multi-functional case. 3D outer texture and inner message add character and personality.

Part of the sustainability effort for the design is manifested in the concept of packaging life extension, where the object can be reused as a stylish lunch bag and even serve as a fashion statement.

Designed at Karim Rashid Studio.

Olivia Blechschmidt
Founder, Olivialand Studio New York, NY