Tiny, Mini and Happy Cups and Utensils for EzPz

Feeding tools for infants, toddlers and preschoolers to help them achieve developmental milestones. Designed in collaboration with a pediatric feeding specialist to maximize safety and ease of use. A soft formal language and aesthetic uniformity for the brand was also established.

Learning to self-feed is an important developmental milestone, and the Tiny Spoon, the Mini Spoon and Fork and the Happy Spoon, Fork and Knife are designed to help babies learn how to feed independently through to preschool when they can start to safely practice using a knife for spreading and cutting.

Open cup drinking supports healthy oral and speech development, aids with teething, helps babies learn to have a strong swallow and can decrease tooth decay.

Learning to drink from a straw is an important developmental milestone that develops lip rounding and promotes speech development. The ezpz Straw Training System teaches toddlers and preschoolers to safely drink from an open cup and straw independently.

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Olivia Blechschmidt
Founder, Olivialand Studio New York, NY