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I’m a hard working designer thinker and disruptive innovator with the skills to go beyond the common products, I have worked in a wide range of products from furniture and packaging to domestic appliances and transportation design. User centred design, user experience and passion are present in my work. I have more than 8 years of experience working for companies around the world such as Hunpel (Mexico), Soma Design Studio (Mexico), Artefice (Italia) y Open Design (China) Raffles International (India). I have helped with my work to companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, 3M, Indesit, Universal Music, Ideal standard, among others to get rediscovered through disruptive innovation and design thinking. As part of my interest in the dissemination of design I have given design lectures and workshops as a faculty member in design institutes and universities in Mexico (U.A.E.Mex., UVM) and India (Raffles Millenium International) Actually I am working as creative director and product design consultant in United Kingdom; and actively taking part of initiatives to transform linear economies into circular ones by using design thinking and disruptive innovation as part of my PhD studies.



Experience & Education