Logo design + visual ID and packaging : MIA Murano Italian Art Elegant line of products manufactured with Murano Glass
Logo Design "Gianni Cipriani" - Musictherapist
JOHN MCARTHUR: Accessories and Jewels production company Logo and visual ID study and design
John Mc Arthur figurative logo
MILADY By PINUCCIA : On Air TV Sale on HSN-Usa Logo Study and graphic design
THE CROW BAND: Pop and Rock Music band: Logo study and graphic design
ACTA: consulting company Logo and Visual ID design
ACTA: monogram design
EX.IT. Excellence from Italy - Logo design Brand for export the excellence production Made in Italy
MYA FIASCHETTERIA - Typical Tuscan 'Osteria' with shabby chic style Logo study and graphic design
BIO FATTORIE TOSCANE: food production company Logo study and graphic design
VOCI NEL PARCO: annual Music Festival in Casentino Valley- Logo Design
YELLOW ITALIA: gold and silver jewellery manufacturing company Logo restyling and visual id design
TUSCANATIVE - Trade company of typical tuscan food and local productsgraphic study and design of label
SWAP PARTY private brocantage event graphic study and design of logo
MARGO BLUE: jewellery accessorie made from found objects Study and graphic design of logo
Holiday house un the heart of Tuscany - Logo and visual ID Design
Bouganville is an hospice care is for near end-of-life people - Logo study and graphic design

I was involved in the study and graphic design of these logos for different activities and business.
I have also provided to register many of them in Italy (UIBM) Europe (UAMI) doing all the priority research

Pinuccia Scatizzi
Graphic and Communication expert Arezzo, Italy