MIA - pattern for fabbriche and paper
MIA - pattern for brochure and Photoshop frames
MIA - brand standard study
MIA - concept study
MIA - Framed logo for posters and brochures
MIA - folded brochure OUTSIDE
MIA - folded brochure INSIDE
MIA Visual Identity study: display, packaging, roll, label guarantee
MIA - Display
MIA - Display
MIA - Jewellery roll study
MIA - Jewellery roll picture
MIA - packaging study size M
MIA - packaging study size L
MIA - packaging study size S
MIA - packaging pictures
MIA - packaging rendering
MIA - pouches study
MIA - guarantee and label study
MIA - shopper study
MIA - Metallic plaque with logo FRONT
MIA - Metallic plaque with logo BACK
MIA - Murano item with Metallic plaque with logo
MIA - editing for visual communication purposes
MIA - Trade show banner
MIA - windows display rendering
MIA - Trade show window display
MIA - Trade show window display
MIA - Poster rendering
MIA - poster

I was asked to create a logo for a collection of jewels in Murano glass. From the logo I was eventually asked to study all the visual communication of the line.

Pinuccia Scatizzi
Graphic and Communication expert Arezzo, Italy