This section focused on the new products stores were receiving/featuring each month.
Creative writing examples - articles about special collections
From here, the associate could choose an eyewear brand they want to learn more about.
Example of a brand section, including brand history, technology or product features, collections, how to introduce it to the customer and videos about the brand.
This section included a wide range of technical knowledge for associates to learn about frame manufacturing, materials and technology, as well as information about the history of Luxottica and Sunglass Hut. There was also an interactive guide to sunglasses throughout popular culture, for a more fun approach to learning.
KNOW IT Product Knowledge App

Designed and managed an innovative Adobe DPS Product Knowledge App for Sunglass Hut stores to replace the printed catalog, which involved working closely with an external agency, the product team, and global Luxottica partners to ensure accuracy, while designing compelling interactive layouts. In addition to focusing on new eyewear collections, we also expanded the app to include details about the company, frame manufacturing & technology, and eyewear in popular culture. I also contributed creative writing/storytelling articles about new eyewear collections and within the product descriptions.

Pamela Coffin
Instructional Designer / Graphic Designer / Manager L&D Cincinnati, OH