Target Summer Endcap Renderings - Virtual layouts of garden product collections on 3 Ft. endcaps. Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Acetate Banner Packaging - Developed entire everyday flag program including: custom packaging, endcap rendering and layout, as well as the actual flag designs.
Garden Endcap for Target - Black and White Collection for Spring. Endcap rendering shows how items would be placed on shelves.
National Geographic Garden Decor Run - 20 Ft. run of garden decor, including chimes, bird houses/feeders, stepping stones, lanterns, flags, planters, wall art, and statuary. Also designed products within this collection.
Mobile Chime Display - Designed for Outdoor Garden Centers
4 Ft Chime Display Concept - Design solution for retailers to display the product out of packaging.
Stand Alone Display Units
Packaging Concepts for Loew-Cornell
Point of Purchase & Packaging
Pamela Coffin
Instructional Designer / Graphic Designer / Manager L&D Cincinnati, OH