Edith May and the Dragon (Website Masthead)
'Godiva Prehistorica'
Instinct - One of seven images based on a 'Fairy Theme.'
The Travelling Wind - A Sagawood Illustration. *copyright P.A. Lewis/Underhill Studio 2005
Francis and Red-Shanks - An Illustration of Francis & Red-Shanks. I think this might be apart of the cover for Sky Dive!
'Bumble Love' - Everyone needs a bit 'o' Bumble Love! (Postcard)
Pipsqueek (the Pesky Kinglet!)
HEY!!!!!!!! - Fairy Concept Idea
Haab & Abe Airline - Concept Drawing for a graphic Novel "Haab and Abe Airline
February - Work in Progress
Venus transit - I was asked to donate something to Venus Transit Festival for a Door Prize. I wanted to something new and special since the theme was on feminine creativity. This is what I did.
The King's Advisor
Cider - Spot Illustration for CTN Expo 2010's sketchbook.
Cider (Pencil)
Brain Storming Sketch for 'Cider.'
December - Work In Progress
His Motivational Muse! - Work in Progress
Lorenzo - Character Sketch for 'First Flight.' Work in Progress
The Lovers - Work in Progress
A Family Outing - Work in Progress
Albatross Act - Work in Progress
Pat Ann Work

Stuff that randomly comes out of my head!!!

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Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall
Freelance Visual StoryTeller and Designer Hamilton, Canada