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Curious Cubes

#curiouscubes is a piece of concept art I've created for 'We The Curious' a Science Centre based in Bristol UK. It's a mirrored cube that displays the curious questions on a realtime LED screen. The questions have been asked from people who have visited the Science Centre and the hope is that they will inspire conversation and other equally brilliant questions for the world to ponder on.
The cubes pop-up in unexpected and curious locations displaying questions that are somehow relevant to the location - so as to inspire a sense of curiosity and make people think a little more about the world we live in. More cubes are planned to follow.
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'We The Curious' is an idea and a place for everyone. It's a new direction for what a Science Centre should be. It's all about asking questions, getting creative and testing things out.Science is collaborative, living and a vital part of culture.

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Paul Thomas
Creative Director Bristol, United Kingdom