'Unleashed' The Saab latest 9-5 was dropped places inside a shipping container decked out to look like there was a dangerous animal inside. This was motion activated to rev and growl and lights would flick on when people looked. You never got to see the car in much detail, the prompt was to go online.
'Going Gone Gorilla' was a life size gorilla created for Bristol Zoo to draw attention to the bush meat trade and the plight of Gorillas. Typographic messages were painted on to the gorilla and then we sprayed over them with black heat sensitive paint that became transparent on touch and warmth, provided by passing public - this revealed facts and messages and encouraged people to go online and help.
We created a shop within the shop window for Saab at Selfridges, redefining how you might buy a car.
'Snowcars' was a simple idea to draw attention to Saab sponsoring the snowboard and ski show in London. The three cars drove around creating social interest.
We created an opening slot at Top Gear Live for Saab. The cars drove themselves around the main stage as people arrived - they had been painted in UV paint that revealed the words 'move your mind' as they passed UV lights.
A fashion show in a carpark to launch the link between Selfridges, fashion designer Osman Yousefzada and Saab
'Spin to Bin' was a stunt to get people to think more about recycling at rugby grounds.
Teams and members of the public took goes at passing a rugby ball into a postioned wheelie bin. This was a competition which ran during half time for a full season creating lots of social chat and fun.
Building projection for European Green Capital.
'Bridging the gap' was a large scale stunt involving cyling a bike between two warehouses on a tightrope with a lot of theatre.
Campaign for Interface - Ocean waste plastic
To draw attention to Ocean Waste and to demonstrate how manufacturing can use plastic waste and work with communities to reduce. This was to take a tour from Bristol to London creating stories and social during Holiday season.
Experiential events.
Paul Thomas
Creative Director Bristol, United Kingdom