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Pouyan Mokhtarani was born on the Nov 19th, 1980 in Tehran. From early childhood he showed a keeninterest in art and design. His fascination was demonstrated in his tendency to shape his toys and living environment based on his own creative taste. Upon completion of high school he pursued his passion and in the year 2000 embarked on a course at the School of Interior Design in Tehran. Upon graduation, he had developed expertise in the relevant softwares (3dmax, Autocad, Photoshop),allowing him to enter the world of professional design. To the present day, he has collaborated on many (Architectural, Industrial design , Graphic design) projects either as part of a team or independently. On WWW.POUYANDESIGN.COM he has showcased a sample of such projects for you to view. Hope you enjoy them.


Volvo sport design award at ispo 2006 &2007 nominated concept

Experience & Education