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Piotrek Pérez (Jaén, 1980). Industrial designer by training, multidisciplinary designer by vocation and publicist by conviction. Relentless and passionate, very detail-oriented and always proactive. At present he´s Lecturer Product Design at ESNE - University School of Design, Innovation and Technology in Madrid and Product Footwear Designer at Joma-Sport, Spanish leading company on sportswear and footwear. Perfection, order and rigor define him and led him to his Ph.D in Eco-Design and Eco Innovation. Member at @Di_mad, @AsoIngDI "Association of Industrial Designers" and @Foro_READ, "Red Española de Asociaciones del Diseño", as a professional of design and marketing. Winner of two International Awards Social Advertising @Publifestival_ in 2006, Spain.


Two International Awards Advertising Publifestival in 2006.


DIMAD, Madrid http://www.dimad.org

Experience & Education