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visual artist & storyteller pm00 is an award winning illustrator from the Milan/London Metro area. He specializes in pencil - chalk - pen - brush drawings and digital painting, editorial, book cover, fashion illustrations, commercial goods decorations and interior installations. His clients have included Vanity Fair, Gq, Wired magazines (Italian and Spanish editions). Repubblica, D Magazine, L'Europeo, Panorama and others. Awards include Art and Illustration rewards and recognitions. Drawing is the activity that most directly records my kind of inspiration and individuality. Considering the range of my drawing styles, I have experienced the qualities of more detailed drawings versus quick doodles, and I note that because of the time constraints and/or rapid gestures of the latter, they have become more simplified and linear. The challenge for my art is finding a good midpoint, where the finished drawing is solid and unmistakable in form, but still retains some of the "oomph" of the action doodle. My single pieces are in fact the product of a lifetime of practice: the actual moment of production lasts just a few seconds, constructed with very fast gestures. Drawings which take longer than two minutes cannot usually be considered gestures: inevitably, they allow the artist more time to measure and plan the drawing, or to begin to define the form with modelling. And once an artist begins measuring, erasing, shading or otherwise improving the drawing with a second pass, he or she has ceased to "╦ťgesture-draw', and has begun rendering. To work over a drawing, to try to polish it, is no longer practicing the ability to draw an instant impression, and it is this ability to draw with something approaching the speed of the unconscious gesture in a pure emotional analytical eye, that I most highly value. http://www.saatchionline.com/profile/150712 http://www.tinyurl.com/paulmennea


2013 DIY Poster 1994 Aurina Valley 1986 Bellaria Film Festival

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